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Anthony Hopkins on ‘The Dresser,’ ‘Westworld,’ & retirement

More from Ora: Anthony Hopkins on ‘The Dresser,’ ‘Westworld,’ & retirement

James Marsden on Anthony Hopkins

Larry King NowSep 30 '16

James Marsden reflects on working with Sir Anthony Hopkins on ‘Westworld,’ and reveals the endearing thing the celebrated actor did between takes.

Larry King: Big cast?

James Marsden: Huge Cast. Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Tandy Newton, Jeffrey Wright…

Larry King: Anthony Hopkins told me he was in this.

James Marsden: Oh yeah? Yeah he would.

Larry King: Did you ever work with him?

James Marsden: Yeah. Wonderful, wonderful man.

Larry King: He’s the best.

James Marsden: Yeah. Delightful. I sat, my first scene with him, was a three-page, uh, a couple minute scene, and first time I’d met him and worked with him. And in-between takes he would go off and do uh, do Marlon Brando impersonations.

Larry King: Oh he’s the best.

James Marsden: Yeah. He’s great. He enjoys being in front of the camera and he enjoys, enjoys what he does this for.

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