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Forest Whitaker & Lee Daniels

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Why Lee Daniels chose network over cable for ‘Empire’ & ‘Star’

Larry King NowJan 11 '17

Lee Daniels explains why he chose Fox over a cable channel like BET for his shows ‘Empire’ and ‘Star,’ explaining that he wanted to expose broader audiences to content they might not otherwise see.

Larry King: Why do you do shows on network TV? That’s where the money is, right?

Lee Daniels: Larry, you ain’t no good.

Larry King: Why don’t you go to BET?

Lee Daniels:Larry, you ain’t no good. You ain’t no good.

Larry King: I’m a Jew searching for the truth.

Lee Daniels: You ain’t no good. I think you hit more people, I think you hit more masses. I think I’m able to hit you home with some stuff that you ain’t ever seen before. I’m able to give a voice to people that you don’t hear and a face to people that you don’t see. And I think that the more eyes I get on that and the more stories I’m able to tell about people that you only hear about, but you don’t know, and you fall in love with these people. I think that’s why I’m on – in particular Fox because I think that they have been able to creatively give me, of the networks, what it is that I want. You know, they’ve really been good to me.

Larry King: That’s good to hear, because Fox gets a bad rap

Lee Daniels: They do get a bad rap, and sometimes I could kill them, but you know, for the most part they’ve given me what it is that I want. They let me tell the story that I want.

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