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Yvette Nicole Brown on 'Community': "We have to make a movie"

Larry King NowJan 13 '17

The hilarious Yvette Nicole Brown revisits her time on the set of the cult hit comedy 'Community,' weighing in on why she thinks the show didn't last despite it's devoted following. The actress also discusses whether or not fans could see 'Community' on the big screen in the near future.

Larry King: Was your biggest role “Community?”

Yvette Nicole Brown: I think so far, yeah. You know, I think “Community” had the most rabid fan base of anything I’ve ever done. I meet a “Community” fan like everyday. I met like, three “Community” fans on your staff. So you know, it’s something that just touched people’s hearts, or they watched it…

Larry King: Why?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I think it’s because we were a land of misfit toys. And I think the world is full of more misfits than the people that have it together. I was a misfit. You know I was an underdog in life. And I feel like when you find your tribe you hold on to them, and so I think the misfits of the world really found someone in that study group that reminded them of themselves, and they held on.

Larry King: Do you miss the show?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I do. I was going to say I miss my friends in the cast and crew but I actually see a lot of them so it’s not, it’s not as melancholy as it would seem, but we were together like 16 hours a day. And that time, you know when you’re in the midst of it you don’t realize how special it is and then when it’s gone it’s like, ‘dang, I’m never gonna be with that exact group of people ever again.’ So that part I really, really miss.

Larry King: Why was it always a struggle to stay on? Five years on NBC, a year on Yahoo.

Yvette Nicole Brown: You know, ratings matter, and I think that the cast – I mean the people that loved “Community” didn’t watch in traditional ways, I don’t think they were Nielsen families, so to speak. So I think they were watching on their computers or watching communally, on phones or on torrent streams, bitstream or whatever they call it where you download things. They weren’t watching in a traditional way so they couldn’t be counted. And I think, you know, networks want the numbers and I don’t think we ever really had ‘em.

Larry King: Keep in touch with the cast?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I do. I just actually texted Gillian this morning cause she did the show. I said, ‘I’m doing Larry, give me some pointers.’ So I just texted with her this morning and I just did an episode of Kim Jong’s show, Dr. Kim last week. And I text and talk to all of them – Alison’s birthday was last week so I sent her a text.

Larry King: Do you think it would make a movie?

Yvette Nicole Brown: We have to make a movie. I don’t think the fans would allow us not to make a movie. And I hope that I get to come back. Cause I didn’t do the last season on Yahoo cause I had to take care of my dad, who has dementia. And the hours were just too long, for him and for me. But if they did a movie and they would let me come back I would 100% do it.

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