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Yvette Nicole Brown on Hillary & the black community

Larry King NowJan 13 '17

Famed actress and comedian Yvette Nicole Brown discusses Hillary Clinton's inability to excite African-American voters like Barack Obama did in 2008 and 2012, which analysts feel played a large part in her eventual loss to Donald Trump.

Larry King: Why do you think Hillary didn’t touch the black community?

Yvette Nicole Brown: I don’t agree that she didn’t. I think that the black community either believed that it was a done deal and she would be fine. I think the black community either believed that there’s no way that there’s no way our nation would vote for a racist, misogynistic, narcissistic, all-the-istics person. I think that black people are tired of their issues not being heard, and they kind of tapped out. I think that when you say ‘Black Lives Matter’ and people think that you’re a terrorist group because you like your people to not be killed. I think it kills your spirit after awhile. And you kind of just go – okay well you can have it. If this is your world then you can do what you want to do. I think that’s what happened. I think they just – they just tapped out.

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