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Eric Andre on Trump, Hillary, & crashing the RNC

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Carrie Keagan on Trump’s ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ involvement

Larry King NowJan 02 '17

Carrie Keagan says she was assured president-elect Trump would have nothing to do with the upcoming season of ‘Celebrity Apprentice,’ on which she is a cast member, only to later find out that he’s still an executive producer.

Larry King: You disagree with his, with Trump still being involved. And here’s something you said, ‘no longer some arrogant real estate mogul daddy boy with some dangerously out of touch notions about how to treat people. Now he’s about to become the most powerful person in the world with a brand that represents bigotry, misogyny, racism, classism, and hate on a level that we as a country regardless of party affiliation should not tolerate.’ Are you annoyed that he is Executive Producer of your show? Uh huh.

Carrie Keagan: It was a little bit of a surprise when we first started the show. There was no talk of any of that, it was Arnold’s show. It was 100% a brand new show in LA.

Larry King: But it’s always going to accompany – people are going to turn it on and say ‘this is what Donald did.’

Carrie Keagan: Well, they made it clear to us that it was going to… a brand new show. And it was 100% about Arnold.

Larry King: So they de-Trumped it.

Carrie Keagan: Well they didn’t. You know, the announcement came out that Donald is still an Executive Producer. And you know, that’s their decision.

Larry King: What do you make of it then? You’re done with your year, right?

Carrie Keagan: Yeah, I’m done now.

Larry King: So you can say anything?

Carrie Keagan: I mean, outside of the show it’s obvious how I feel about our new president. I’m not a fan. I was really hoping that Hillary would be elected and that we would have a strong woman in the office and you know I stand for a lot of the things that….

Larry King: Are you still in shock?

Carrie Keagan: Yeah, I think a lot of people are.

Larry King: Did you ever know Donald?

Carrie Keagan: No. Uh uh.

Larry King: Would you have him on your show?

Carrie Keagan: I mean, I have a lot of things I would like to say to him. So yeah.

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