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Iliza on why she doesn’t discuss sex in her stand-up

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Carrie Keagan opens up about her family

Larry King NowJan 02 '17

Host Carrie Keagan opens up about her upbringing, and why her family decided to remove her from Catholic school as a child.

Larry King: Are you Catholic?

Carrie Keagan: Growing up I was, yeah.

Larry King: You’ve greatly offended the faith, have you not?

Carrie Keagan: Well, no one’s come after me yet.

Larry King: Does you mother and father – what do they think?

Carrie Keagan: I had an interesting growing up with religion. My grandparents very religious. My parents, I went to Catholic school all the way through just about. Until about Freshman year. My parents at some point in my life had a problem with the Catholic school and them trying to raise money for the Church. We never gave enough. We never paid enough tuition, we never came to enough Sundays, and gave to the basket. You know, there was never enough. And so, we sort of separated. And I don’t believe that you can – I do believe I should say, that you can separate your morality, and good standing with the world, and have organized religion. You don’t have to have both.

Larry King: What do they think of what you do?

Carrie Keagan: They’re the reason why I’m here. They’re the coolest parents in the world. They’ve always been super supportive.

Larry King: That’s great.

Carrie Keagan: I know that when I first started doing this they were a little like, ‘really you moved to LA and now you’re doing some weird – are you doing porno?’ You know there was always that question in the back of their head about ‘what exactly is it that you’re doing?’ And then when our website finally launched and the YouTube channel went huge then it was ‘Ah. Now we can tell everybody what you’re doing.’

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