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Larry King’s favorite swear word

Larry King NowJan 02 '17

Larry King shares with host and cursing fan Carrie Keagan the uncensored story of his favorite swear word.

Larry King: The book is entitled, ‘Everybody Curses, I Swear.’ I can’t wait to watch ‘The Apprentice’.

Carrie Keagan: What’s your favorite curse word, Larry?

Larry King: Everybody’s favorite. The word is ‘fuck.’ And the word fuck is great. I’ll give you a Lenny Bruce-ism.

Carrie Keagan: Tell me.

Larry King: Fuck is colloquial for intercourse, right?

Carrie Keagan: Yup.

Larry King: It means a lot of things. But now you can say it anywhere. It’s in the dictionary. When you’re happy you say ‘fuck,’ when you’re unhappy you say ‘fuck.’ It fits everything. It’s the greatest word in the American language.

Carrie Keagan: It’s great.

Larry King: So Lenny says, since it’s colloquial for intercourse, if someone says ‘fuck you,’ I say ‘thank you.’ And when I get mad at someone I say ‘unfuck you. Unfuck you forever.’ And we’ll be right back.

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