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Could we see an 'Office Space' sequel?

Larry King NowJan 20 '17

Acclaimed actor Gary Cole reflects on the role he is most known for — greedy boss Bill Lumbergh from the film 'Office Space.' Gary also weighs in on the possibility of a sequel to the cult classic movie.

Larry King: I guess you’re most acknowledged for Bill Lumbergh, is that right?

Gary Cole: I would say so, yes.

Larry King: Why did that movie – it’s a cult movie, right?

Gary Cole: I would say so, yeah. Yeah.

Larry King: What keeps that indelible in everybody who follows it? Why was that character so unique?

Gary Cole: I think it has to do with that culture, and not just that character. I think that Mike Judge who wrote and created it put his finger on a culture that I was unaware of because I never – I never worked in an office. So I don’t know anything about cubicles. But that’s a huge, you know, part of the workforce and I think people really identified with, you know, with all of those people in it. I know I did identify with Lumbergh because there’s a guy; I had bosses that seemed to resemble him. Just kind of passive-aggressive, never raised their voice, but it was still beyond annoying. And I think that’s -

Larry King: Are they gonna make another one?

Gary Cole: No, I don’t think – I think that would have to do with Mike and I don’t think Mike is interested in that. So.

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