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Timothy Simons best & worst qualities according to Gary Cole

Larry King NowJan 20 '17

Gary Cole answers a very special question sent to Larry from his 'Veep' co-star Timothy Simons.

Larry King: OK our first question is from someone you know well. @TimothyCSimons, on Twitter he asks, this is his question, ‘what are Timothy C. Simons best and worst qualities?’

Gary Cole: His best qualities. His best qualities is that when he enters a room, he can detect if there’s dust on the overhead lights.

Larry King: Oh, he’s like Felix Unger?

Gary Cole: He is. He’s, but he’s also, he’s a tall man.

Larry King: What’s his worst quality?

Gary Cole: His worst quality, I wouldn’t even say this is his worst quality, but it’s a quality… I don’t know that I’d call it a quality. He can work, he can work the perks – you know what I mean. I mean,in ten yearsif he’s still working he will, he won’t pay for anything. He will have so much free stuff, and free access to luxury boxes. He had us shooting free throws at the Wizards game, after the game, just because he asked somebody. I would never have that…

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