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Gary Cole on 'Veep,' 'Office Space,' & longevity in Hollywood

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Christina Ricci on women in Hollywood, fame, & new Amazon series

Larry King NowJan 23 '17

Emmy nominee Christina Ricci makes her first appearance on 'Larry King Now,' openly discussing the trials and tribulations of childhood fame, the fight for gender equality in Hollywood, and her new role as Zelda Fitzgerald in the Amazon series 'Z: The Beginning of Everything.'

Larry King meets Christina Ricci, the actress known for her work on such projects as “The Addams Family” and films like “Sleepy Hollow” and “Monster.” She produces and stars in the upcoming Amazon original series Z: The Beginning of Everything, in which she portrays Zelda Fitzgerald and her tumultuous marriage to the writer F. Scott.

Christina Ricci gives her own theories as to the resurgent popularity of Zelda, and the forthcoming wave of screen portrayals of her life. The actress also addresses what drew her to the story in the first place, and the joys of playing a flawed but glamorous character. She also enlightens Larry on some of the lesser known elements of Zelda’s life, including her own work as a writer.

Later, Larry King asks Christina Ricci about her early success as a child actress, famed for her role as Wendesday Adams and Kate Flax in the feature “Mermaids.” Ricci speaks to the enduring success of the television series, and why so many people continue to love “The Addams Family.” She also discusses the plight of child stars, and the pains of growing up in the spotlight.