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Christina Ricci shares a very special Cher story

Larry King NowJan 23 '17

Emmy-nominated actress Christina Ricci talks working alongside Cher in the film 'Mermaid.' In particular, Ricci, who was 9 years old at the time, discloses a touching moment she experienced with the legendary songstress. 

Larry King: Tracy Stewart on Facebook, ‘what was it like working with Cher?’ You worked with her in “Mermaids.”

Christina Ricci: Amazing. She’s amazing.

Larry King: You were a kid, right?

Christina Ricci: Yeah, I was nine, it was my first movie, and she used to, like when they had meetings in her trailer she would have me hide in the back so I could hear everything that was going on. Cause she thought it was really important, if I was going to be there everyday working that I – That I was given all the information.

Larry King: So did you have tutors on set?

Christina Ricci: Yeah.

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