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Has Rick Astley ever been "Rick-rolled"?

Larry King NowJan 25 '17

Rick Astley opens up to Larry about whether or not he's ever been "Rick-rolled" — the popular internet prank involving his hit song and video "Never Gonna Give You Up".

Larry King: A few years ago they tell me a prank emerged called ‘Rickrolling.’

Rick Astley: Yeah.

Larry King: In which, they would send a clip out to say ‘go watch this great drama,’ or ‘go watch this incredible home video’ or ‘go watch this sex scene’ anything, and whatever came up it was you singing.

Rick Astley: Yeah. As you’re just about to get to the best bit in whatever video clip you’ve been sent in that thing, yeah you get ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ which is…

Larry King: But you had nothing to do with it, right?

Rick Astley: No, no. Of course not. I mean, I’ve discussed this with lots of friends who work in the music industry and they’ve kind of tried to even imagine what kind of a financial benefit you know, that would be. And what a record company or management team would do to try and get that to happen. But it was just one of those flukes. It was just a lucky thing.

Larry King: Have you ever been rickrolled?

Rick Astley: I was rickrolled in the early days of it. A friend of mine, who lives in LA, I was on holiday in Italy and a friend who lives here, an English friend I’ve known for years and years, and he actually rickrolled me. And I sent him an email back just kind of saying you know, ‘what are you doing?’ And um, I did this a couple of times. And in the end I got on the phone to him, and he explained it to me. So it was pretty weird.

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