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Maura Tierney on ‘The Affair,’ Women’s March, & Tom Hanks

Larry King NowJan 27 '17

Golden Globe-winning actress Maura Tierney opens up about whether her ‘Affair’ character Helen will get her happy ending, her experience with the pay gap in Hollywood, and why Tom Hanks is exactly as great as he seems.

Golden Globe winning actress Maura Tierney joins Larry King in the studio, ahead of the season 3 finale of Showtime’s 'The Affair,' which won her the award. She discusses how the character has evolved over the past three seasons, and what she would like to see from Helen Solloway during season 4. Larry also asks Tierney to weigh in on whether or not 'The Affair' is a difficult series for married couples to watch.

Then, the TV and film actress rehashes some of her past roles, including 'Primary Colors,' in which she and Larry were co-stars. Maura Tierney also addresses her 8-year tenure on 'ER,' and her ongoing relationship with the show’s cast. Also, Maura Tierney reflects on her first time on Broadway, in the Nora Ephron play 'Lucky Guy.' Tierney speaks highly of her fellow cast member Tom Hanks, and how it felt to be one of two women in a cast of men.

Finally, Larry King and Maura Tierney discuss some of the social justice issues that exist in both Hollywood and Washington. She gives her take on sexism and equality in Hollywood, and where she hopes the industry is headed.