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Maura Tierney says Tom Hanks is as great as he seems

Larry King NowJan 27 '17

Reflecting on her work in Nora Ephron’s ‘Lucky Guy,’ Golden Globe winner Maura Tierney says co-star – and reputed “nicest guy in Hollywood” – Tom Hanks lives up to his reputation for being the best.

Larry King: There weren’t many women in that play?

Maura Tierney: No, there’s two of us.

Larry King: There’s two right? It’s just a male dominated newsroom.

Maura Tierney: Yeah, yes, it was a dude’s play. Dude filled play. But I like being around a lot of guys. It was me and Deedee Lovejoy, we handled it well. And they’re great guys.

Larry King: And Tom Hanks is the best.

Maura Tierney: He really is the best. It’s sort of like, ‘oh wow.’ You can’t believe that he’s actually really like that. But he really is like that.

Larry King: What a good theatre actor he is.

Maura Tierney: Yes. And also I have to say – never late, always the first one there, he was the first one off-book knowing his lines, he’s an extremely hard worker, and a really… he just sets a tone in a room that’s really great. And the thing about Tom Hanks and George, they were both friends. And the way they – with Nora – and the way they respected her work was incredibly moving. Like they just didn’t want to mess with it. And the play wasn’t entirely finished, so they would just, they had such respect for her, it was, if I were her I would’ve been very…

Larry King: Did you meet her?

Maura Tierney: No, I’ve never, I never got a chance to meet her. But also opening night it was, I think it was clear the love in the room for her. It felt clear to me. So it’s nice, I would hope that someone would protect my work like that after…

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