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‘Han Cholo’ shares his 'Star Wars' jewelry collection

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Adam Driver on 'Girls,' 'Star Wars,' & Scorsese

Larry King NowJan 04 '17

Adam Driver — one of Hollywood's brightest stars — joins Larry to discuss the final season of the hit HBO comedy 'Girls,' his coveted leading role in the 'Star Wars' film franchise, and working alongside the legendary Martin Scorsese.

Adam Driver meets with Larry King to discuss a spate of upcoming films and projects, including the final season of HBO’s “Girls,”Martin Scorsese’s “Silence,” the indie film “Patterson,” and the Blockbuster behemoth “Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.” The actor addresses the dark comedy series that propelled him to fame, including what it has been like working with “Girls” creator Lena Dunham these past few years. He doesn’t reveal any spoilers, but gives insight into the type of creative freedom allowed to the cast as they developed and played their characters.

Next, the former Marine speaks with Larry about his circuitous route into the acting profession. Trained as infantryman, Adam Driver was forced to leave the military just before his deployment, after a serious injury and he eventually found his way to Julliard. Since then he has continued to work with the armed forces, bringing staged readings into American bases.

Finally, Adam Driver speaks to his newest role as the villain of the “Star Wars” reboot. He addresses the perks of playing a sith lord, and the dynamics of life on set. Adam Driver reflects on the series as a whole, and how the stories reflect turbulent real world events. Finally, Driver sheds some light on some of his other projects, including “Patterson,” and the forthcoming “Silence.”