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The legacy of 'Girls' according to Adam Driver

Larry King NowJan 04 '17

Adam Driver chats about what fans can expect in the final season of his smash HBO comedy 'Girls,' and discloses what he believes the show's legacy will be once the acclaimed show's curtains close in 2017.

Larry King: I know people don’t reveal a lot, I don’t know why that is, but can you tell us anything about the last season? How will Hannah and Adam’s relationship end?

Adam Driver: I don’t know, they don’t want to say.

Larry King: But you shot it already.

Adam Driver: Yeah we did, we did shoot it. I think it’ll… it ends how it ends.

Larry King: We’ve learned a lot folks. I told you, through my instinctive desire to learn, I have weaned so much out from this man. Remember, you will learn as it ends, that it ends.

Adam Driver: Yeah.

Larry King: What do you think the legacy will be? That show’s going to be run for a long time on syndication.

Adam Driver: Yeah, it’s hard for me to say what the legacy of – that’s there’s three-dimensional female characters and that is very much in short supply.

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