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Ruth Negga on her newfound celebrity

Larry King NowJan 09 '17

Noting that she’s generally been apathetic toward celebrity, breakout star Ruth Negga – whose role in ‘Loving’ has made her a known entity – considers her rapidly rising public profile.

Larry King: Is celebrity treated differently here?

Ruth Negga: I think, the thing is, I think the main cultural difference is basically that, I think I’ve learned to not self-deprecate so much. I think Europeans have this trait of being, you know, of being really self-deprecating to a fault, and I think sometimes Americans think that we’re being ridiculous. You know, why not celebrate the good things that you’ve achieved?

Larry King: Do you like the United States?

Ruth Negga: I do, yeah. I do very much so. I feel like, I think that’s it’s good to be… I love the way that ambition is celebrated. Achievement is celebrated. That you can – anyone can be anyone. I think that’s a great motto to live by.

Larry King: Do you take issue with being called an overnight success? Cause you’ve been a working actress for awhile.

Ruth Negga: I don’t really, no. I think it’s kind of understandable because I don’t think that people really knew who I was. And I’ve been quite apathetic about, I suppose, about celebrity and being well known. I just, I’ve wanted to just do good work, and be happy in my work.

Larry King: Do you enjoy fame?

Ruth Negga: I don’t feel famous.

Larry King: Well, you’re about to be.

Ruth Negga: It’s tricky, isn’t it? It’s a very interesting concept. I read about how actors who are famous deal with it and I think it’s something that is – can be quite overwhelming. And I think it, I think the most important thing that I’ve learned about it is that it does encourage you to have a very strong sense of yourself, and your public-private, and to mind it.

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