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Tony Goldwyn: Hillary Clinton is a deeply kind woman

Larry King NowOct 04 '17

‘Scandal’ star Tony Goldwyn – who directed a commercial for Hillary Clinton during her 2016 presidential campaign – sings Clinton’s praises, calling her a deeply kind and warm woman, even as he concedes that she wasn’t a great campaigner.

Tony Goldwyn: I’m humbled on a daily basis by the women that I love, and the women that I work with, and find that so many aspects of the way a woman approaches problem solving and leadership outstrips so many of the instincts that we have as men.

Larry King: You directed a commercial about Hillary Clinton…

Tony Goldwyn: I did! That’s right, yeah.

Larry King: What do you make of her? I’ve known her so long.

Tony Goldwyn: Yeah, she’s such an incredible woman --

Larry King: She was not a good campaigner.

Tony Goldwyn: She was not a great campaigner, although --

Larry King: But personally she’s great --

Tony Goldwyn: Personally she’s great, she’s an extraordinarily brilliant woman, she’s a deeply kind and warm woman. She is not the greatest candidate we’ve ever had, although that I think she’s faced in this past election, forces that were beyond….I don’t think you can fault, it’s easy to “Hillary did this”, “Hillary did that” -- I think she did an extraordinary job as a candidate, her personality very much did come through, I think that she dominated in the debates, I think her performance at the Democratic Convention, her speech was perfect.

Larry King: Do you think she would’ve made a good president?

Tony Goldwyn: I think she would’ve made a great president, I do. Whether it was Comey coming out with what he did, we’ll find out what the impact of the Russians were, I think the unique skills that Donald Trump brought to this contest were and certainly took out 16 - was it 16 Republicans?

Larry King: Yeah.

Tony Goldwyn: Just knocked them right out. I think that Hillary is about the work and the job, and she’s not a great self promoter, by her nature, and he’s the opposite, he’s a brilliant self promoter, so to blame her campaigning style….I mean yes, their machine, their political calculus was way off, as I think all ours was…

Larry King: Yeah. The campaign in Wisconsin…

Tony Goldwyn: Oh my god...who knew?

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