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Jay Roach on Trump: we need wisdom, not ego

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Tony Goldwyn on ‘Scandal,’ politics, and women

Larry King NowOct 04 '17

As ‘Scandal’ enters its final season, Tony Goldwyn reflects on the show’s importance, and the unique genius of creator Shonda Rhimes. Plus, Tony talks Trump’s distractions, Hillary’s kindness, and the power of women in this candid sit-down.

Larry King sits down with the recognized and charming Tony Goldwyn, known for playing President Grant opposite Kerry Washington in the ABC hit show ‘Scandal’ by Shonda Rhimes. They discuss the final season of ‘Scandal’, his political stance on Hillary vs. Trump, and his legendary Hollywood heritage as a Goldwyn. Tony describes his career path and trying his luck at breaking into television after only starring in films early in his career. Tony reveals Shonda’s decision to end ‘Scandal’ after 7 seasons, and how she broke the news to the cast. He also discusses working and directing on the show, working with the cast that he considers family, and his respect for women in Hollywood and around the world. Tony expresses his passion for former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, for whom he directed a campaign commercial, and discusses her fight against President Trump. While Tony claims he’s not a fan of Trump, he acknowledges Trump’s talent for dominating and distracting the media. Larry and Tony look back into his noted acting roles such as Mormon leader Warren Jeffs, and discuss the psychology behind the role. Tony also reveals fond memories from his Hollywood Royalty family, particularly his father and grandfather, Samuel Goldwyn and Samuel Goldwyn Jr.