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Jay Roach on Trump: we need wisdom, not ego

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Tony Goldwyn: Trump is “brilliant” at the art of distraction

Larry King NowOct 04 '17

Tony Goldwyn discusses what he calls Donald Trump’s “brilliance” for distracting the media and public from the goings on within his administration, most recently by directing attention toward the NFL, rather than North Korea and the healthcare bill.

Larry King: What do you make of Mr. Trump?

Tony Goldwyn: Well, I’m not a fan. I think Trump has a genius for getting media attention, I think he was brilliant at that and branding himself, and understanding that by just dominating the news cycle, that had more power than anyone assumed. We’ve seen it again recently with what’s happened with the NFL, he seems to have a brilliance know, right as the healthcare bill…

Larry King: And North Korea’s declaring war --

Tony Goldwyn: North Korea’s declaring war, suddenly President Trump goes down for a political rally in Alabama and goes after Colin Kaepernick, and what is everyone talking about this weekend? Colin Kaepernick and the NFL! He’s….It’s extraordinary, the art of distraction, I think.

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