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David Oyelowo on losing his virginity

Larry King NowFeb 10 '17

David Oyelowo turns an innocuous question on its head – and catches Larry by surprise – when the acclaimed actor reveals that he waited until marriage to lose his virginity.

Larry King: Tell me something people don’t know about you.

David Oyelowo: That I was a virgin when I got married.

Larry King: And how old were you?

David Oyelowo: 22.

Larry King: In this modern world, how David, do you explain that?

David Oyelowo: [laughs]

Larry King: What did you do? Were you imprisoned?

David Oyelowo: [laughs]

Larry King: On an island somewhere.

David Oyelowo: [laughs]

Larry King: A castaway.

David Oyelowo: [laughs] How do I explain that? It was always a gift I had hoped to give my wife, and so I did.

Larry King: I salute you.

David Oyelowo: Thank you.

Larry King: I’m also amazed.

David Oyelowo: [laughs]

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