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Stephen Dorff on being a child actor

Larry King NowFeb 13 '17

Stephen Dorff, who hit it big while he was still in his teens, opens up about his rebellious childhood, crediting his parents for keeping him from going off the deep end.

Larry King: Being young and making money and being in movies, was that, did that hurt in any way?

Stephen Dorff: I think it’s very…

Larry King: There’s a lot of people who start young, have too much too soon.

Stephen Dorff: Yeah, I mean I think look, growing up in this crazy town as I did from four months old and, I was born in Atlanta where my dad went to college, moved here, as my dad started doing well I went to private schools all around LA with movie star’s kids. But I think it can be very disillusioning as far as materialism, success. You know there’s a lot of things that look appealing. You know, I credit my mom and dad and my kind of, such a tight-lipped childhood in the way that my mom was so overprotective of me and my brother Andrew that I think that’s why I never went off the deep end. I always had this little voice that was my mom saying, “you don’t want to do that.” And I think that’s why, even with my kind of rebellious choices and the stories I read about me, I’ve never been arrested. You know, you’re not gonna read or see that TMZ story.

Larry King: You’re not in the tabloids?

Stephen Dorff: No, no, no. You know, I never really – I’ve only been in those rags when I’ve dated a girl and you know, they have a story to tell for the most part.

Larry King: Are you married?

Stephen Dorff: Never been married. Kind of a late bloomer, 43.

Larry King: Was your brother married?

Stephen Dorff: He was, and he was married once and that only lasted about a year and a half. I think that was really for my mom. Cause we lost our mother nine years ago. My mom Nancy was a beautiful lady and just a great mother. And I think that’s why she was worried about me. For sure. Cause I was asked to leave a lot of schools and I probably said things…

Larry King: Were you a bad boy?

Stephen Dorff: You know I was just kinda the crazy one of the fam. My dad was this melodic, quiet songwriter writing hits for great artists. My mom was this creative in the background. Great mother that chose to give us that and not work, really be a full time mom. My brother was a straight-A student and kind of a quiet one, always giggling in a corner at me, and I was the one that was running around in my underwear, dressed as Spiderman, jumping on tables, telling my piano teacher to go F himself. You know, I mean just when I felt his hand touch my leg in a weird way I basically told him what I thought. So I was just unfiltered, kind of the one that was basically destined for my crazy business.

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