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Stephen Dorff opens up about his brother’s death

Larry King NowFeb 13 '17

After losing his brother – successful country songwriter Andrew Dorff, who’d written hits for Blake Shelton and Rascal Flatts – to a tragic accident last December, Stephen Dorff opens up about the circumstances of his death and life without him.

Stephen Dorff: My brother in the last five years really was pounding Nashville down as far as writing incredible lyric for everybody, from Blake Shelton to Kenny Chesney. He had four number ones in the last couple years.

Larry King: And he passed away strangely?

Stephen Dorff: Yeah. You know, this was a film that I, I put my left foot into this world and wanted to do it justice. I wouldn’t have ventured into this if I didn’t think we had something to prove or say.

Larry King: And he writes the songs?

Stephen Dorff: My brother and I got to write the single with your biggest fan, Bobby Tomberland, who’s in the film and is a real songwriter and really helped vouch for this character.

Larry King: My biggest fan?

Stephen Dorff: He loves you man. After we might have to make a quick little phone call cause he’s like “I can’t believe I’m missing Larry King.” He’s been all over New York, and all the shows with me but he was really…

Larry King: You know my wife, father-in-law right? Carpenter Avenue when you were a kid?

Stephen Dorff: I know, we have all these connections. And I’ve always loved your interviews. But to go back to my brother just real quick, you know, I love my brother so much. He was 40 years old, tragic accident in Turks and Caicos.

Larry King: Vacationing?

Stephen Dorff: Vacationing. He was taking a trip to celebrate all his… My brother was making more money than me. It was kinda cool cause for years I let him borrow money and stuff and when I put a lot of money into this little pet project of mine we were – which everybody told me not to do, right. I still wanted to see this idea through. And now we got a real movie and Andrew really loved the film and the fact that he’s included on this album with the single which was really the song of the album…

Larry King: How did he die?

Stephen Dorff: You know, we don’t know officially but there was some drinking involved, there was a Jacuzzi involved, and there was water involved. And Andrew was splashing around, probably trying to cool off with some friends and somebody spotted him laying on his back not moving. And they brought him onto the beach and some stuff happened, and I can’t really get into the particulars but all I know is my brother should be here and he should be enjoying his success. He’s got Rascall Flatts new hit Yours if You Want It, which is such a cool song. We’ve been listening to it a lot lately cause this is a bittersweet one for me. I mean this is my brother, my only brother, and…

Larry King: Did he have a big funeral?

Stephen Dorff: Huge tribute in Nashville. I mean talk about what a beautiful community. And even shooting ‘Wheeler’ I didn’t really understand what my brother knew as a community of song-writing. I mean, there was 1100 people there, you had Laurie McKenna, just incredible singer-songwriters singing for Andrew. It was, it was beautiful man.

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