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Dan Bucatinsky on the politics of ‘24: Legacy’

Larry King NowFeb 17 '17

Dan Bucatinsky – who stars in ‘24: Legacy’ – says the show, as with the original ‘24’ series, has a responsibility to reflect real-world current events accurately, but without a political agenda.

Larry King: The show’s producer Howard Gordon said that ‘24: Legacy’ has a moral responsibility under a Trump administration. Moral responsibility to what?

Dan Bucatinsky: That’s a very interesting quote, which I had not heard before.

Larry King: Okay you want to hear more of it?

Dan Bucatinsky: Yes, yes.

Larry King: He says, “I think inevitably people will accuse us of being reckless and irresponsible, that’s going to happen. But from our perspective, I can tell you there is a moral responsibility, you can’t be held hostage as a storyteller. If you start censoring yourself, it washes out the colors. At some level I think it’s the job of the show to be provocative.”

Dan Bucatinsky: Yeah, I love Howard and that’s a smart comment, and it’s true, you’re sort of caught. You’re caught because you are portraying a real Washington D.C., you’re purporting to be telling the story that takes place today, you’re picking one day in the life of these characters, and you’re depicting a world where terrorism could happen and has happened. So you have an obligation to not only be truthful in terms of the way in which you’re going to dramatize that. But I sort of interpret it differently also, which I believe we do have a little bit of a responsibility as well, to not necessarily put forth an agenda, which I believe. I believe this ‘24’ and all ’24,’ the series before, did not have a particular political agenda. It has an agenda to entertain, and be dramatic, and be realistic, but also inspirational in a way.

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