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Dan Bucatinsky reveals the Alexa tip you definitely need

Larry King NowFeb 17 '17

She can play your music and read you the news, of course, but writer-actor-producer Dan Bucatinsky says Alexa – aka Amazon Echo – can also make hilarious fart noises, provided you ask her the right way.

Larry King: What never ceases to make you laugh?

Dan Bucatinsky: Fart jokes. When my kids make the Alexa, you know the Amazon Echo, the only way to make that thing make a fart noise, is to say, “Alexa, ask me for a fart.” And if you say “Ask for a fart” to Alexa, she’ll fart.

Larry King: Why are farts funny?

Dan Bucatinsky: Can I tell you something? I tried to stop laughing. I don’t why it’s so funny. Part of it is the sound, and part of it is the fact that it’s so personal and private and should be, and then when it happens out loud and publicly, everyone laughs, at every age. My kids, my husband and I in a car, listening to farts come out of our phone, we’re all laughing hysterically.

Larry King: Not many women fart as much as men.

Dan Bucatinsky: No, nor do they laugh as much at farting.

Larry King: Yeah.

Dan Bucatinsky: Which is interesting.

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