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The joke Jon Lovitz played on Warren Buffett

Larry King NowFeb 27 '17

'SNL' alum and famed actor Jon Lovitz reveals the hilarious gag he played on world renowned billionaire Warren Buffett.

Jon Lovitz: But you know what I did, I got to go to Omaha and meet Warren Buffett, and he owns See’s Candies, right-

Larry King: Yeah.

Jon Lovitz: So Chael Sonnen and I, Chael’s on the MMA, great guy, so we each go, we each have to present him with a new piece of chocolate candy made at See’s factory, then he has to pick one. So you know he’s worth 70 billion, so I’m like, you know, I pull out a dollar, I go, “Huh Mr. Buffett, you want to meet my friend Mr. Washington.”

Larry King: (chuckles)

Jon Lovitz: Trying to bribe him with a buck.

Larry King: He’s a great guy too.

Jon Lovitz: He was very—yeah, that guy, all right he’s one of the most successful people in the history of life-

Larry King: Regular guy.

Jon Lovitz: So regular, so nice. And I said, you know, “I know people with this much success you have,” and I go, “You’re so nice, you’re not arrogant at all.” Like zero.

Larry King: Zero.

Jon Lovitz: And he goes, “Yeah, yeah, a lot of people get full of themselves.”

Larry King: (chuckles)

Jon Lovitz: And I mean he couldn’t have been nicer. And he was explaining to us in business, and he told me the secret to making a ton of money.

Larry King: What’s the secret?

Jon Lovitz: Ah, I’ll tell you after the show. (winks, puts two fingers to mouth and blows a kiss)

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