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Rx Drug addiction crisis is worse than Heroin epidemic

More from Ora: Rx Drug addiction crisis is worse than Heroin epidemic

Mackenzie Phillips on addiction, recovery, & her new career

Larry King NowFeb 03 '17

Famed actress Mackenzie Phillips candidly details her struggles with drug and alcohol addiction, as well as her path to sobriety amid a difficult career in the spotlight. Plus, Mackenzie weighs in on the Netflix reboot of her classic show 'One Day at a Time'.

Author and substance abuse counselor Mackenzie Phillips joins Larry King to promote her new book, ‘Hopeful Healing.’ Phillips describes the book as a handbook for people in early recovery. She refers to it as a resource book for people who want to understand addiction and how it manifests.

Then, Larry King and the former child star talk about her own personal history with addiction, and her difficult adolescence. Mackenzie Phillips addresses her relapse, when she made the jump from prescriptions to heroin, and how that same scenario is playing out all over the country.

Finally, Larry and the ‘One Day at a Time’ star discuss their mutual friend Normal Lear, who produced the iconic series. Mackenzie Phillips speaks to working with the legendary director, and his high expectations on set.