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Norman Lear On His Disappointment With President Obama

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What makes Norman Lear brilliant according to Mackenzie Phillips

Larry King NowFeb 03 '17

Mackenzie Phillips looks back at her time on the hit sitcom 'One Day at a Time,' and explains to Larry what makes the show's creator — the iconic Norman Lear — such a remarkable man.

Larry King: Norman Lear’s been with us, and what makes him so extraordinarily special.

Mackenzie Phillips: I don’t know what it is, what it is about Norman – I love that man so much. He’s just power, he’s just power and kindness, and brilliance.

Larry King: And stays young.

Mackenzie Phillips: Stays young. He’s 94 now?

Larry King: Yeah.

Mackenzie Phillips: Yeah. I was over at his house for a brunch a couple of months ago, and just, you come up to the door and Norman Lear answers the door. You know, it just seems so odd. I mean, I’ve known him for so many years but I’m still amazed that I know him every time I see him.

Larry King: Was he a tough director?

Mackenzie Phillips: He never directed an episode ofOne Day at a Time. But he…

Larry King: Produced it?

Mackenzie Phillips: Yes. He was… he demanded excellence. He had a high standard. And so he was always very aware that he wanted to cast people that he wouldn’t have to push to reach that high standard. That, he could just expect what he would like them to do.

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