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Rachel Bloom is confounded by Larry King’s tweets

Larry King NowFeb 06 '17

He has 2.7 million Twitter followers, but the man doesn’t type or text. ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ star and creator Rachel Bloom tries to get to the bottom of Larry King’s tweeting technique.

Larry King: See I tweet three or four times a day and then on Sunday night I do a whole bunch of thoughts, just like it’s my two cents. But I don’t read any comments, I don’t retweet, I don’t…

Rachel Bloom: That’s smart.

Larry King: I send it out there but I don’t know what people think.

Rachel Bloom: Were you ever tempted to read comments?

Larry King: Cause I don’t want, I don’t have a flip phone, I have a flip phone, I don’t have a cell phone.

Rachel Bloom: So you tweet from your computer or your phone?

Larry King: I phone it in.

Rachel Bloom: Oh like you text someone, “this is what I want to tweet”?

Larry King: I don’t text

Rachel Bloom: How do you tweet Larry?

Larry King: I phone it in to a producer, Kyle, and he tweets it out.

Rachel Bloom: Oh that’s smart.

Larry King: And sometimes my wife tweets it. And sometimes a friend tweets it. I don’t know how to tweet. I don’t know how to… what are you, crazy?

Rachel Bloom: I don’t know.

Larry King: Come on. I’m Larry King. I just don’t know how to do it.

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