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Patrick Warburton on his brand of Catholicism

Larry King NowFeb 08 '17

Reflecting on his strict Catholic upbringing, Patrick Warburton warns “there’s a lot of danger in religiosity” and says his kids have a healthier relationship with spirituality than he did.

Larry King: You were raised Catholic, are you still Catholic?

Patrick Warburton: Yes, we’re bad Catholics.

Larry King: What?

Patrick Warburton: Well we’ve raised our kids more, you know, spiritual, they’re much healthier than I would say myself, or perhaps some of my siblings were from our upbringing, and all the compounded guilt and misery that we went through, I just feel like there’s a lot of danger in religiosity, in the manipulations of it to a degree. So I don’t denounce Catholicism and my religion, my upbringing, but I do feel like there’s a happy medium, and the hardcore Catholics will just call you wishy-washy. I think there’s a difference between wishy-washy and just being rational, and really caring about your kids and your family.

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