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Patrick Warburton went to the Stanley Cup Championship as Puddy

Larry King NowFeb 08 '17

Though he appeared in just nine episodes, Patrick Warburton’s turn as Puddy on ‘Seinfeld’ remains one of his most beloved characters. The actor shares a story about the invitation he received to the Stanley Cup championship as a result – and how he ended up shirtless on the ice.

Larry King: One of my favorite characters was your New Jersey Devil thing. You had a pink New Jersey Devil on your naked, bare top…

Patrick Warburton: Yes.

Larry King: Go to Devil hockey games, promise that you would not wear the war paint but put it on your body…

Patrick Warburton: Yeah.

Larry King: Was that fun to do?

Patrick Warburton: [laughs] It’s always fun to be able to play that sort of over-the-top…you know, nutjob, I guess. I had an opportunity to go to—well, the New Jersey Devils that year won the Stanley Cup. They’d been a franchise for 40 years, not all 40 years New Jersey, maybe 20 in New Jersey. It was the first year that they’d won the Stanley Cup. That year they showed me on Trinitron all throughout the season screaming, “Devils,” and then they won. So unbeknownst to me, I had somehow become a bit of a mascot or good luck charm there, and they invited me to come out Opening Day for the Stanley Cup champions. To do whatever I wanted, raise the banner, sing the national anthem, drop the puck, I said, “I’ll drop the puck.”

So I get there, and I’d spent all night with my brother-in-law, in the city, we were out till 4, 5 in the morning. And when I showed up at the hockey game, not only did they want me to paint my face, they wanted me to paint the “D” on my chest. And I said, “You know, I’m really, really, really tired. [laughs] Let’s just do the face. I’m dropping the puck, right.” “Oh, it’d be great if you put that “D” on your chest.” “I’m not taking my shirt off.” “Let’s just do it.” So they put the “D” on my chest, and I walk out, I walk out on the carpet, and the crowd’s going crazy. And I dropped the puck, and I get in Scott Stevens’ face, you know, the team captain, and yell. And it’s all fun and good until, I almost slip and fall on my way back, but I stop myself, and the whole crowd goes “ooohhhhh.” At this point, I was a bit hungover. I slowly stand up, and I realize I am so glad I got that “D” on my chest now.

So I stand up and I just stare the whole crowd down, and then I rip my jersey off and I got this “D,” you know, and it’s just a roar. Even after the Super Bowl that year, *Rogen said, “You know, greatest recoveries of the year, it’s still Warburton, was he actually falling, was this planned?” You know, they’re picking this whole thing apart, because it all just looked too perfect. And I just thought, “it’s just absurd to think all, what came from one episode of a half-hour TV show.” Cause even when they brought me out on the ice, it was “From the cast of Seinfeld,” you know, and I’d done two episodes.

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