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Justin Bartha on Nicolas Cage: He’s in on the joke

Larry King NowMar 17 '17

Justin Bartha, who starred alongside Nicolas Cage in the ‘National Treasure’ films, describes working with Cage as “a trip.” But make no mistake: he says the Oscar-winning actor – an Internet meme favorite – is very much “in on the joke.”

Larry King: You worked with Nicolas Cage in ‘National Treasure,’ I’ve met him a few times, interviewed him once. What’s he like to work with?

Justin Bartha: It’s a trip, I mean, Nic is-

Larry King: Different.

Justin Bartha: Yeah he’s different, and he is eccentric, but he is hilarious. People ask me about Nicolas Cage a lot obviously, and he is in on the joke a bit. People think he’s kind of this eccentric dude that-

Larry King: Like Christopher Walken.

Justin Bartha: Yeah exactly, Chris Walken is in on the-

Larry King: In on the joke.

Justin Bartha: He is hilarious. I’ve worked with him a couple of times too. And they have similar energies in a sense, they’re unpredictable, which makes them so much fun to work with and watch. But he’s a great actor, it’s so much fun, everything is so different and new.

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