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If You Only Knew: Mr. T

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Mr. T on a possible 'A-Team' remake

Larry King NowMar 20 '17

Actor and American pop culture icon Mr. T talks the legacy of his 80's classic 'The A-Team,' and whether or not he'd like to see a TV reprisal of the acclaimed show. 

Larry King: Are you still best known for The A-Team?

Mr. T: Between one a two, The A-Team and Rocky III, you know? And what a good
thing, you know. I love both of them.
Larry King: How close were you to – and I interviewed him twice – the late George
Mr. T: We were, as I call it, The A-Team – there’s no I in team but there’s a T in team.
That was a joke, Larry. I remember one episode, Faceman was in a situation and he had
to explain it to a young lady and he said ‘when we’re apart we all mess up, when we’re
together we’re like a well-oiled machine’. So, we were a team and we loved it, we
worked well together for 4-5 years that was good.
Larry King: He was a good guy.
Mr. T: Yes, yes, yes, all the guys – Murdock, Faceman, Dwight Schultz, Dirk Benedict,
and George. I was honored to work with him and stuff, because he was like the
grandfather of the show – he knew everything.
Larry King: Why was that show a hit?
Mr. T: Let me step out myself, because I don’t want to sound cocky. It came at the right
time, you know, the stars aligned. We had the crazy guy with Murdock, the handsome
guy with faceman, we had Hannibal, George Peppard, we had the black guy, and we
worked well together. We were saying something to society that we could get along, we
could work together and we entertained people. We made people laugh and we never
killed anybody. That’s what I love about the show, we shot a lot of bullets and all that but
we never killed anybody and I was glad about that.
Larry King: Could they ever bring that back for a reprise?
Mr. T: No, it wouldn’t work. You can’t duplicate a Rembrandt or a Picasso.
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