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If You Only Knew: Mr. T

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No more mohawk for Mr. T?

Larry King NowMar 20 '17

Mr. T explains the origins of his world-famous mohawk haircut, and reveals why he might be shaving it soon!

Larry King: Why the Mohawk?

Mr. T: Why the Mohawk? I’m glad you brought it up – Larry, you’re the best, you ask
the good stuff. I tell people I don’t want to be disrespectful to the Mohegan Indians. Even
though we call it a Mohawk, truthfully, it’s called a Mandinka cut because there’s a tribe
in Africa called the Mandinka Warriors in the west coast of Africa in the country of Mali,
they wear their hair this way. We call it a Mohawk because we know of the Mohegan
Indians, but there’s a lot of tribes in Africa that wear their hair this way.
Larry King: Why do you cover it with stars and stripes?
Mr. T: I wear the stars and stripes because it’s my way of paying the veterans back
because they’ve been disrespected, look what they’re doing in the VA and all that stuff.
It’s my way of honoring the veterans and I’m a veteran myself, you know. I was in the
National Guard, military police. I have four brothers – one in the marines, three in the
army. So, it’s my way of honoring the veterans.
Larry King: If you win Dancing With The Stars are you going to cut it?
Mr. T: If I win Dancing With The Stars I’m going to cut my Mohawk off to stand in
solidarity with the kids that are going through chemotherapy and radiation, to stand with
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