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Harvey Mackay on finding success sans the digital sphere

Larry King NowMar 22 '17

Business mogul Harvey Mackay tells Larry why he believes entrepreneurial success isn't necessarily dependent on the utilization of the digital world, despite what many accomplished business leaders believe.

Larry King: You say that a lot of things are the same, but hasn’t the digital world changed things?

Harvey Mackay: Let’s talk about success though. The world hasn’t changed one-tenth of one percent, from my perspective, when you want to talk about success. The way we get our information, Larry, is awesome. But, let’s just take all the adjectives, and I can name 50 of them of course, with trust, and passion, and persistence, and loyalty, and everyone knows all those words. Those were true 100 years ago, 150 years ago, they’re still true today. You can’t make it, you can’t be successful, unless you have those same guiding principles, a deep-down, burning desire, again, to be trustworthy, to be truthful, to be loyal. Takes all those different things.

Larry King: But you have to use what’s modern as well, right?

Harvey Mackay: The way we get our information is beyond comprehension.

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