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What's the most important "word" for a business leader?

Larry King NowMar 22 '17

Famed businessman Harvey Mackay explains to Larry what the most important "word" is for any leader who wants to find success in their pursuits.

Harvey Mackay: Well there’s a million words in the English language. You can’t be a president of a university, you can’t be a coach, you can’t be an entrepreneur, you can’t be a CEO unless you understand this one four-letter word. H-I-R-E. Hire. If you can’t hire, Larry, you can’t be a leader. And I’ve studied hiring for the last 50 years. At the feet of the best people.

Larry King: What’s the key to that?

Harvey Mackay: Well there’s about 3 or 4 or 5 different keys, but you have to interview them in different situations, you have to go back to the kindergarten, get that kindergarten person, find out—this is number one of course—T-R-U-S-T. I mean if you can’t trust that person that’s on the other side of the interview, the interview’s over with. If you’re a salesperson, Larry, I would say to myself, to my brain bank, “How would I feel if this person were working for my competitor?” And if I’m not worried, that’s the end of the interview. It’s just a little street-smart secret that I happen to use. But if you can’t hire, Larry, you don’t have a chance.

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