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Nelly Furtado says the future is genderless

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Nelly Furtado on the industry: I have more freedom today

Larry King NowMar 24 '17

Reflecting on the seismic shifts in the music industry since she got her start, Grammy winner Nelly Furtado says the upside to streaming is freedom – no longer beholden to record labels to publish music, artists can release their work whenever they want.

Larry King: Since you started, has the musical landscape changed a lot?

Nelly Furtado: Yes.

Larry King: You have streaming, right, you have apps and streaming-

Nelly Furtado: Yes, yes.

Larry King: Pull it down from the sky.

Nelly Furtado: Yes, totally. I own my new album, I got the album back from the label. It’s the second project I’ve done independently with independent partners, like my Spanish album, and it’s been a fun experience for me because I’m quite prolific, I write a lot of songs. So with streaming now, what I can do is I can call up Spotify and say, “Hey guys, just did an acoustic cover of Calvin Harris ‘Feel So Close,’” and they’ll say, “Great, we’ll release it tomorrow.” I mean, that kind of freedom never existed before.

Larry King: Can you make as much money?

Nelly Furtado: Slowly, in the long term. I mean, artists now, as you know, we make most of our money live. I’ve been lucky because I’ve always owned my own publishing and I write my songs, which is really, really great.

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