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What lies ahead for TV Land's 'Teachers'

Larry King NowMar 03 '17

Katy Colloton and Katie O'Brien detail what viewers can expect from a special season 2 finale of their hit TV Land sitcom 'Teachers'.

Katie O’Brien: One of my favorite episodes this season that has not come out yet is actually our finale. We decided to do an entire musical episode.

Kevin Pollak: Yes.

Katie O’Brien: And so we wrote the songs, and we pitched it to TV Land before writing it or doing anything and we said “what if we did a musical?” And TV Land was like “uh, okay.” And then we hung up the phone and we were like, “who can sing?”

Kevin Pollak: That wasn’t a question that came up before?

Katy Colloton: No, oddly no.

Katie O’Brien: They just assumed we knew – and it worked out great.

Katy Colloton: Well, to be fair we were all, I would say the majority of us are huge fans of musical theatre.

Katie O’Brien: Yeah, yes.

Katy Colloton: Like I’m a huge musical theatre nerd. But I auditioned a million times and the most I ever got was Peasant #3, or like the woman who would fluff the queen’s pillow in…

Katie O’Brien: Which aren’t bad roles. There are no small roles.

Kevin Pollak: I remember the queen’s pillow fluffer, actually.

Katy Colloton: I love musicals and everything about them. Can I sing and dance? That’s questionable.

Katie O’Brien: So we had four days to figure it out. And we did, and it’s really, really great. It’s called ‘Lunch The Musical’ and there’s a great ‘Phantom of the Opera’ parody, a ‘Sound of Music’ parody, so that’s one of my faves.

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