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Rachel Bloom on fear, feces, and ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’

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Andrea Riseborough and Henry Phillips

Larry King NowMar 06 '17

‘Birdman’ & ‘Bloodline’ actor Andrea Riseborough joins Larry to discuss the need for more flawed female characters and her past life as a contortionist. Later, comedian Henry Phillips talks Bill Murray and his semi-autobiographical film, ‘Punching Henry.’

Larry King talks with Andrea Riseborough, an actress with a reputation for being a chameleon, who has appeared in ‘Birdman,’ ‘Nocturnal Animals,’ ‘Oblivion,’ Netflix’s ‘Bloodline.’ She talks about her roles in the miniseries ‘National Treasure’ and the upcoming film ‘Battle of the Sexes.’ While talking about the plot and process of ‘National Treasure,’ she mentions her personal struggle with depression.

Then Larry asks about her reputation as a comedian. Riseborough comments on how people say different things about male and female actors, with females receiving more remarks on their hair instead of credit for being artists. The conversation shifts to the all-female department heads of the upcoming film ‘Nancy,’ about a female antihero, which Riseborough praises. She emphasizes the scarcity of films about imperfect women, lamenting that the full range of female emotions and experiences are not portrayed on screen.

After her interview, Larry interviews Henry Phillips, a comedian, musician, actor, and filmmaker. They talk about the comedic film ‘Punching Henry,’ which Phillips co-wrote and starred in. Phillips says the punches are a metaphor for the entertainment industry, and reveals how he got J.K. Simmons and Sarah Silverman to join the film. Then Phillips talks about the process of becoming a comedian, and his family’s background in acting. Finally, Larry asks Phillip about his web series, ‘You and Your Fucking Coffee,’ about the comedic chain reactions triggered by a Phillip’s coffee addiction.