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Mario Batali reveals Eataly Los Angeles details

Larry King NowApr 10 '17

Mario Batali opens up about the highly-anticipated Eataly opening in Los Angeles.

Larry King: Eataly, it’s coming to LA.

Mario Batali: Yes.

Larry King: And it’s huge, how big is it?

Mario Batali: Eataly in LA is 53,000 square feet.

Larry King: And what is it?

Mario Batali: It is fundamentally a grocery store dedicated to the idea of biodiversity and the slow food movement. It captures some of the greatest products of Italy, but it also celebrates wherever we happen to be. So there’ll be lots of seafood and produce from California and the West Coast-

Larry King: Can I sit down and have a meal?

Mario Batali: You can sit down in 5 or 6 restaurants, we haven’t finalized out exact. One will be pizza-pasta, one will be a giant restaurant influenced by Nancy Silverton-

Larry King: All in the same area.

Mario Batali: All in the same building, but each one its own thing. So it’s its own town. If you sit in the seafood restaurant, you can only get seafood, you can’t even get dessert. So imagine you went to a little town, you sit down and you have some seafood, then if you want coffee, you go to the coffee bar, and if you want ice cream, you go to the little ice cream bar.

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