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Lamorne Morris on Adam Sandler

Larry King NowApr 12 '17

Lamorne Morris – who co-stars with Adam Sandler in the upcoming Netflix comedy ‘Sandy Wexler’ – gushes about the comedy giant, and his loyalty to the people with whom he works.

Larry King: What was it like working with Adam [Sandler]?

Lamorne Morris: Oh my god, that dude. First of all, he’s one of my heroes, and-

Larry King: Is he naturally funny?

Lamorne Morris: Naturally funny, even in conversation, just-

Larry King: Yeah, he’s funny, he’s funny.

Lamorne Morris: Yeah, he’s just a funny guy.

Larry King: Walks funny.

Lamorne Morris: Yeah. [Laughs]

Larry King: He walks funny, he’s funny.

Lamorne Morris: He’s hilarious. And so what I like more about him is that he keeps everybody close. He’s worked with the same guys for 20 plus years and they’re all really close, they all play ball together, they’re all friends, every single movie he’s like, “Let’s get the gang back together, let’s make a project.”

Larry King: So how does he deal with strangers like you?
Lamorne Morris: He’s very open to it. He was very open to me, he let me play, even when the director wouldn’t. He was like, “Nah, screw that, let him do what he’s gonna do.”

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