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Lamorne Morris opens up about his father

Larry King NowApr 12 '17

‘New Girl’ star Lamorne Morris opens up about his father, revealing that he was a drug dealer and that Lamorne hasn’t seen him for some time.

Larry King: You have brothers and sisters?

Lamorne Morris: Yeah, brothers and sisters.

Larry King: They like you?

Lamorne Morris: Not at all. [Laughs] Not at all.

Larry King: What’d your dad do?
Lamorne Morris: My dad…I’ll be honest with you, my dad was a drug dealer. [Laughs] So…

Larry King: He’s in jail?

Lamorne Morris: Jail, in and out of jail, he’s in Belize now. He’s since cleaned up his act, but I haven’t seen him in—man, this just got real deep, this just got real emotional.

Larry King: But how did you handle it?

Lamorne Morris: Growing up, it was difficult. I make this joke with Damon [Wayans] Jr. about his dad, because he has a great relationship with his father, and I always go, “Hey man, what’s it like having a father?” [Laughs] So we joke about it, but it’s fine, my mom is amazing, so she did the job for both parents.

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