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Margo Martindale on Hollywood: Women of age no longer

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Cynthia Nixon on aging in Hollywood

Larry King NowApr 14 '17

Contrary to conventional wisdom, Cynthia Nixon says she gets better roles as she ages, in part because she’s able to play more complicated characters.

Larry King: Do roles get harder when women age? We were here with Margo Martindale, and she told me that as she ages, they get better.

Cynthia Nixon: I think as I age, they get better too.

Larry King: Is that a change?

Cynthia Nixon: I think it’s partly a change in terms that there are starting to be—there’s still way too few—but there’s starting to be more. But I think frankly, when you’re in your 30s and 40s, so much of what you play is mothers of young children. And that’s just not that interesting. And also I think, as a society, we don’t want to think that mothers of young children are complicated or that they have unreliable parts of them, they don’t want to think that young children might be in the care of women who are unhinged or evil or whatever. But once you get out of your child-bearing years, you get to play really complicated women like Regina in ‘The Little Foxes,’ who are terrifying.

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