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Matthew Rhys: What I learned from Sally Field

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Matthew Rhys on that ‘Girls’ episode

Larry King NowApr 21 '17

‘The Americans’ star Matthew Rhys opens up about being offered a guest spot on the sixth and final season of ‘Girls,’ and working with Lena Dunham.

Larry King: You recently had a very interesting guest spot on ‘Girls.’ How did you get that? Did Lena come to you with the role?

Matthew Rhys: She did, very kindly. Having watched ‘The Americans,’ that certainly helped, among other reasons as well. Although I was a little perturbed when she kinda said, “There’s this great part of a slightly dark sexual predator that I think you’d be perfect for.” But her writing is incredible, and it was a kind of stand-alone episode where it was the two of us in an apartment thrashing it out about the perennial battle of the sexes, to a degree.

Larry King: You were denying you were a sexual predator and turned out to be a sexual predator, right?

Matthew Rhys: Yes.

Larry King: Did you enjoy it?

Matthew Rhys: I did. I think all good drama should have a great degree of conflict and challenge, and that’s what that piece did. I think it challenged a number of views.

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