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If You Only Knew: Macy Gray

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Macy Gray: My new album is "wild"

Larry King NowApr 26 '17

Singer Macy Gray detailsher highly-anticipated new album, slated for release in Summer 2017.

Larry King: She’s releasing a new album, not titled yet. Are you done? Have you finished the album?

Macy Gray: It’s almost there. Maybe 80, 82 percent.

Larry King: You write your own material?

Macy Gray: Not by myself, but all the songs on the album, I’m writing them.

Larry King: You know when it’ll be released?

Macy Gray: This summer.

Larry King: ‘White Man’ is in it, right?

Macy Gray: Mhm.

Larry King: Will it be very new and different? Will people be surprisd?

Macy Gray: Yeah, it’s definitely Macy Gray, but it’s wild, you haven’t heard what we’re doing yet, it’s very fresh.

Larry King: Woah, you’re making this tempting.

Macy Gray: Yeah. [Laughs]

Larry King: You collaborated with Ariana Grande, right, on her new album?

Macy Gray: Yeah.

Larry King: Do you like collaborating?

Macy Gray: I do, I do. It’s like artist-to-artist.

Larry King: Is she in your new album?

Macy Gray. No.

Larry King: There’s no collaboration in the album, right?

Macy Gray: Yeah, but I’m not supposed to say who it is-

Larry King: Okay.

Macy Gray: Cause you know, all that stuff.

Larry King: Why is all of this so secret?

Macy Gray: I don’t know, I don’t know. One day we’ll all-

Larry King: Are you scheduled to tour when the album comes out?

Macy Gray: Yes, we’re lining up the touring stuff now, it’s coming together, takes a minute.

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