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Would 'Black-ish' star Yara Shahidi meet with President Trump?

Larry King NowApr 28 '17

Rising actress and activist Yara Shahidi gets political with Larry, weighing in on Trump's ascent to power and revealing whether or not she'd like to meet with the president.

Larry King:You’re politically active, right?

Yara Shahidi: I am.

Larry King: You are not a fan of our president?

Yara Shahidi: No.

Larry King: Really? [Chuckles]

Yara Shahidi: I mean, part of that is just as a young black girl with the last name Shahidi who has relatives in Iran.

Larry King: I’ve known him 35 years, would you like to meet him?

Yara Shahidi: No.

Larry King: [Chuckles]

Yara Shahidi: I decline.

Larry King: Are you shocked or disappointed?

Yara Shahidi: A little bit of both.

Larry King: So far.

Yara Shahidi: I mean, as somebody who wants to study sociology, I try to process this as rationally as I can. I think my issue with the election cycle was that a lot of what was said, or the rhetoric that was said, went against a lot of people’s identities, and I feel as though having worked so hard in the past 8 years to establish a place in which most people are finally gaining a sense of equality, a lot of that has disappeared. And even with the travel ban, that affects my family, so-

Larry King: Your father’s from Iran, right?

Yara Shahidi: Mhm. And so it’s hard not to take this a little personally.

Larry King: You bet.

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