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How women are changing tech according to Brooklyn Decker

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Brooklyn Decker on the evolution of the modeling industry

Larry King NowApr 03 '17

Former 'Sports Illustrated' covergirl Brooklyn Decker discusses how the modeling industry has changed for the better since her departure several years ago.

Larry King: You ever miss modeling?

Brooklyn Decker: No, never.

Larry King: Not at all?

Brooklyn Decker: No, never, no.

Larry King: I hear it’s more inclusive than ever, there’s LGBT models.

Brooklyn Decker: Yes, I think now it’s entirely different. I started modeling 12 years ago, and I was modeling at a time when trends dictated more than anything if you got work. And I think now it’s super inclusive, I think different body styles are in, I think people from several different countries and backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses are in now, so I think fashion’s changed significantly for the better. When I was modeling it was still about being incredibly tiny, at the time Americans weren’t “in vogue,” which was really interesting, so for me I didn’t love the experience, but I do think now it’s a lot better.

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