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Belch buddies! Larry King and Brooklyn Decker share the same gross secret talent

More from Ora: Belch buddies! Larry King and Brooklyn Decker share the same gross secret talent

How women are changing tech according to Brooklyn Decker

Larry King NowApr 03 '17

'Grace and Frankie' star Brooklyn Decker details the lessons she's learned and the challenges she's faced entering the male-dominated tech industry.

Larry King: Who’s in it with you?

Brooklyn Decker: So a good friend of mine, Whitney Casey, she’s our founder. She actually used to be in news, and we are friends from Austin, she’s now based in Austin, she’s now based in New York with the company.

Larry King: You live in Austin.

Brooklyn Decker: I do, I live in Austin. And so we did it together.

Larry King: You said recently, “Coming from the Hollywood side of things, I have never seen a more supportive bunch of women than I’ve seen in tech. They do come together. It’s difficult as a young female, but you can do it.”

Brooklyn Decker: You can.

Larry King: I don’t associate women with tech.

Brooklyn Decker: Because there are so few of them in technology. In decision-making positions in technology, 7 percent of them are women, so in executive-level positions, 7 percent are women. Which means 93 percent of people making decisions are men, and that’s why you don’t hear about it. Hollywood I found has been incredibly supportive as far as the women go, but I think because there’s such a small percentage of women in technology, they really band together to help one another.

Larry King: Is it growing in the tech field?

Brooklyn Decker: It is, we just launched a week ago, but again-

Larry King: A week ago?
Brooklyn Decker: A week ago, yes. But we’re growing, exponentially, which is pleasantly surprising. And again, I think there’s a huge void in the market, there’s nothing out there to help women do this, to save them time, and we’ve created it.

Larry King: Will this move for equal pay and-

Brooklyn Decker: Yes, yes, and luckily we’ve met some really incredible women. Our company’s funded by women, founded by women, and run by women, which is incredibly unusual. And I think as women, again, because there’s so few of them in tech, they really do come together and support, fund, and help.

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