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EXCLUSIVE: Hozier with Guest Host Kelly Osbourne

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Kelly Osbourne on family, Joan Rivers, and her new book

Larry King NowMay 12 '17

Candid as ever, Kelly Osbourne opens up about her past, her parents, and the downside of growing up famous. Plus, the bubbly Brit on why women should feel better about their private parts.

Larry King interviews one of his favorites, Kelly Osbourne, a TV personality, fashion designer, actress, singer-songwriter, and author of ‘There Is No F-king Secret: Letters From a Badass Bitch.’ Larry asks why the F-word is now acceptable, and Osbourne says that if you want to make a difference in a generation, you have to speak their language, which includes a lot of swearing. The title is also a play on ‘The Secret,’ in the sense that being unstoppable isn’t a secret. Osbourne says the book is her opportunity to show people who she really is. When asked about the letter format, Osbourne says it was her communication method with loved ones when she was in rehab, and that it’s a more convenient reading format.

Larry asks about some of the letters, such as a letter to her vagina, which Osbourne says is a female body part that has been personified and subject to unrealistic standards. Osbourne also talks about her letter to the late Joan Rivers, a close friend and mentor who taught her to find the humor in everything. The hardest letters to write were the ones about her mom’s cancer and her dad’s accident, but Osbourne says she can finally talk about the incidents without crying. She believes writing was a therapeutic journey, though it also made her insane. Larry asks what she thinks the public image of the Osbourne family is, and she says that they’re not perfect, but they get through things with love.

Judging her book by the cover, Larry asks if Osbourne is a badass bitch. Osbourne talks about being called a bitch for standing up for her beliefs and being herself, and she wants to change the perception of the traditionally derogatory term. Larry asks why she steers clear of talking politics, and Osbourne says she’ll only talk when she knows what she’s talking about, so she won’t be misconstrued. Larry asks her to talk about the hard parts of being a celebrity’s kid, and Osbourne explains that she had to work twice as hard to prove she was worth being in the industry, but it made her stronger. In response to Larry’s observation that he’s in one of her book letters, Osbourne recounts her first rehab experience, when she saw her parents on King’s TV show while she was being checked in. At the time, she says, she was an immature brat, but now she realizes that her parents were on the show to protect her and let people know she was getting help.

Larry asks Osbourne what her occupation is, and Osbourne says she’s herself. While she doesn’t know her focus yet, she’s grateful for new opportunities and learning experiences. Larry asks if she wants to experience marriage, and Osbourne says she isn’t sure she believes in marriage anymore, since social media removes much mystery and excitement about other people. Larry asks about her experience judging ‘Project Runway: Junior,’ which Osbourne says put her heart back in the right place about fashion. She was inspired by the talented young people and their passion for fashion.