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Kelly Osbourne wants you to feel better about your vagina

Larry King NowMay 12 '17

Kelly Osbourne explains to Larry King why she wrote a letter to her vagina in her new memoir, ‘there is no f*cking secret,’ and why she thinks women need to reconsider how they feel about theirs.

Larry King: Now you write a letter to your vagina.

Kelly Osbourne: [Laughs] Oh my god, I can’t, this is like my day—you’ve no idea, you’ve made my dreams come true. You’ve said “fucking” and “vagina” in one interview. This is amazing. I’m so sorry, Larry.

Larry King: Why did you write a letter to it?

Kelly Osbourne: It’s another body part on a female-

Larry King: I’ve heard.

Kelly Osbourne: That has been personified, and is now one of the leading plastic surgeries to get rejuvenated and make it look perfect, and people have this unrealistic idea that they’re all going to look a certain way, because of what-

Larry King: Wait a minute, I don’t understand. They change the look?

Kelly Osbourne: Completely. And it’s another thing that women have to feel insecure about. It’s also a body part that I don’t think women have enough respect for, and treat the way that they’re supposed to, and it’s not something to use to fill your insecurities or your empty space, let’s just say.

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